Looking for Sales and Marketing jobs?

We’ll help you confidently navigate every turn of your career towards a more fulfilling journey.

How we work with you

Calling on a true career ‘consultant’ to help you make your next move can take your career in an exciting, new direction.

At Carrera, we work a little differently to your typical ‘job agency’. It is what we do and how we do it, that sets us apart. We’re fearless in getting to the heart of what you need. We consult with the whole-you. Finding a career that complements your personal needs as well as your professional ones means asking the right questions to help you explore possibilities, you may never even have thought of.

With our unique UltraFit6 Recruitment process, you’re also more likely to find a more fulfilling role. We match key factors such as role, personality, values and even lifestyle and future opportunities beyond your current prospective role.

And with many of our consultants having worked in sales and marketing jobs, we know the world you work in.

At Carrera, we have been successfully recruiting permanent roles since 2002. In that time we’ve developed deep connections with many leading sales and marketing employers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We know their culture and have a unique perspective right across the market, enabling you to make an informed decision for every professional move you make.

So you can master your next professional turn, visit our Career Coach microsite which has loads of great information to help you build a great resume, prepare for your interview and much more!