What We Do - Ultra-Fit Process

Only Carrera has the ‘Ultra-Fit6’ Recruitment Process. 6 powerful ways to ensure a more fulfilling match between talent and employer.

Role Fit

We match skills and competencies against the role description.

Personality Fit

We match personality traits with their prospective manager to ensure a tenable relationship.

Values Fit

We check references and match personal values with the corporate values and ethics of the employer for better alignment of values.

Culture Fit

We go through a employer brand experience with every employer to ensure a better culture fit including talking to other senior leaders not just the hiring manager.

Lifestyle Fit

We compare geo-location and employer flexibility to stress-test work/life balance fit.

Future Fit

We align future business objectives with candidate aspirations.

For more information about our UltraFit6 Recruitment process contact:

Michael Floyd

Managing Director

T: 61 2 9410 4520
M: 0407 016 406