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A very proud moment for Carrera…

Recently we launched our new brand into the marketplace. It was the culmination of many months of looking inwards and outwards, back and forwards – at who we are, where we have come from, how we are seen and who we want to be. This led to a new identity for Carrera and one that we are immensely proud of. As part of this process we looked at our team – what made people want to work with us, what binds us together and why people stay with us for so long. We realised that one of the most important attributes of our team was the common desire to make a difference in people’s lives – a truly positive impact on the world around us – and we are lucky enough to be able to do this every single day.


This led to many conversations about what more we could do to contribute to making the world a little bit better outside of our work as recruitment and talent consultants. We were on the lookout for something that felt right – a cause that we could truly get behind and support that fit with our values, beliefs and purpose. Coincidentally we were fortunate to be introduced to a remarkable young woman – Kath Koschel. Kath is the Founder of The Kindness Factory and after hearing her story and learning about The Kindness Factory movement we realised this was it – and we are very proud to be announcing that we are now partnering with The Kindness Factory and working with Kath to spread her message of kindness and encourage you all to help make the world a better place one small act of kindness at a time.


You can learn more about The Kindness Factory here – and log your own act of kindness to help Kath achieve her goal of 1 million acts of kindness by 2020. We will soon be introducing Kath to you and sharing more of her story as well as our own acts of kindness and providing more information on how you can get involved.



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