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Making the most of your relationship with your Recruitment Consultant: The Candidate Edition

Last week’s post was about how companies could get the best ROI with their recruitment partner; this week is all about YOU, the candidate, and how YOU can navigate the daunting, time-consuming and frustrating waters to embark on the career path of your dreams.

We can only speak from experience and the feedback provided by our wonderful candidates. And guess what? Many of them often tell us that being supported by a trusted industry expert (in their cases; us) and getting advice and guidance take a lot of their job searching stresses away. Of course, it doesn’t quieten the pre-interview nerves, but a bit of nervousness is good! It means you’re invested!

So, what are they doing to get the most from us?

They invest their time with us, are clear and consistent with their communication and are always open to hearing our feedback:

1. They invest their time with us.

A reputable recruitment consultant in your chosen industry can match you with the opportunities suited to your skills and experience. They should also be well-networked with access to the best opportunities, putting them in the best place to provide unbiased advice on career opportunities and potential employers.

On top of this, a great reputable consultant will challenge you and may bring you new opportunities you’ve not thought about before. Our most successful candidates understand this and invest their time to build an open & honest working relationship with us and treat the process as a relationship building journey rather than a simple transaction.

2.They are clear and consistent with their communication.

Our star candidates are completely honest and open with us when discussing their employment history, career ambitions and their job search progress. Knowing their full story puts us in the best possible position to give advice and open doors for the roles that are best suited to their skills and ambitions.

In addition to this, they are open about other opportunities they are pursuing / being wooed for. This helps us to be open with the client to either hurry them along or bring a better offer to the table.

3.They are open to feedback.

Our A-Grade candidates not only are open to feedback, they proactively ask for it. They want our advice around how to update their resume, improve their interview techniques and hear, promptly after the interview, about what the client thought of them. A true consulting partner will be more than happy to provide you with any support required to ensure that you are presenting yourself in the best possible light, even if that means telling you what you don’t want to hear!

Something to keep in mind here is that they are also efficient in providing feedback of their experiences. Most are positive, some are negative, but all are valid. Many people forget this, but a candidate’s feedback on their experiences is important for the clients to constantly improve their processes.

We repeatedly see that true value comes when candidates choose to connect with us with a view to growing the relationship to make it into a long-term trusted partnership. The “best ones” don’t wait until they are ready to change jobs to get in touch, they keep in touch regularly and visit us annually at least for an annual career review.

So, what are YOU waiting for? Get in touch with our expert consultants today to plan ahead for 2019 and beyond!

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