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Do your Hiring Managers Recognise Top Talent when they see it?

The interview is the most crucial piece in the recruitment puzzle when you’re looking for a star candidate who will help strengthen and grow your business. However our research suggests that less than 30% of all Hiring Managers are given training in how to conduct an interview that identifies and attracts top talent.

Now, the hiring manager may be a rock star sales / marketing manager, or even the best leader your company has seen. But without essential skills in conducting an interview that identifies and attracts employees that are a fit for your organisational values, culture and role requirements they will struggle to build a team of high performers who can meet key organisational objectives.

Within a successful interview three things are critical: 1) being a great ambassador for the company, 2) selecting new hires based on skills, experiences and behavioural fit and removing any unconscious biases and 3) knowing how to validate a candidate’s skills and experiences using probing questions.

Being a great ambassador for the company:

A simple but often overlooked truth about the interview process is that it is a two-way street. As much as you are assessing the candidate, they are of course doing the same. The talent market is extremely tight and unlikely to change anytime soon. Candidates generally are in the driving seat and often have their choice of multiple offers. To attract the best people for your business your Hiring Managers must be able to articulately and enthusiastically communicate your employer brand and value proposition.

Everyone conducting an interview needs to be able to tell the story of what your company has to offer potential employees… the culture, leadership style, development opportunities and strategic direction. It is important to find out the key drivers that will lead your candidate to choose one employer over another and address them both honestly and positively throughout the interview process. Give them a reason to choose you over your competitors!

Getting rid of unconscious bias:

As humans, we are all geared to like people who are somewhat like us or at least familiar to us. And that’s not really a bad thing, is it? We all want to work with people that we like and enjoy spending time with. Just because we like a candidate though doesn’t mean they are necessarily the best fit for the role though and we need to learn to put aside any unconscious bias we may have acquired when interviewing to ensure we are critically assessing candidates using criteria that will actually mean something in the role.

Now, notice how the phrase is “unconscious bias”? This doesn’t mean the hiring managers who select (or have hired) people that they like while overlooking critical skill and experience requirements are consciously putting friendship ahead of business needs but they do need training and skills development in how to conduct an interview that identifies the best candidates to ensure the business hires for the requirements of the role and fosters a culture of diversity and innovation.

Probing Questions:

While most candidates are honest and some even can be a little too modest it can be easy to take what we are told at face value and not spend time really understanding the details of what a candidate has accomplished, how their critical behavioural attributes impact of their performance and the impact they can make in a role. Particularly true when the interview is going well and there is an early sense of rapport and trust. These are the times though when it is critical that we ask probing questions to deep dive into the detail of what a candidate can and can’t do.

Training can give your Hiring Managers the skills to probe deeper and be confident that they are getting the full story from a candidate before they have to make a decision by asking the right questions and digging into the detail until they are sure they have the information they need.

As mentioned above, interviewing is a skill in itself which requires honing and perfecting with practice. Without the investment in interviewing skills Hiring Managers risk continuing to make poor hiring decisions costing the business not only in the dollars spent through the recruitment process but in immeasurable costs relating to lost productivity and decreased engagement.

Hiring Mangers who have undertaken our Interview Skills Training Programs have reported a 95% increase in confidence in conducting an interview and 90% increase in confidence in selecting the best candidate for their vacancies resulting in enormous cost savings for their businesses, huge reduction in stress levels and increased productivity and performance of their teams. Talk to us about how interview skills training can transform your team performance today!


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