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Have you got your hiring blinkers on?

Many of you have been greeted by Susie when coming for a meeting at Carrera. Susie is our Talent Partner and candidate researcher extraordinaire. She is a bundle of energy and positivity, a health-nut, Chanel obsessed fashionista…. Susie breaks every stereotype of people ‘of a certain age’ – but she isn’t the only one. There are many incredibly talented, motivated and experienced individuals out there with so much to offer potential employers – so why are we still too afraid to hire someone that doesn’t fit the mould?


Whether it be age, gender, ethnicity, sector experience, family commitments… hiring biases are alive and well and unfortunately mean that many organisations are missing out on opportunities because of their unwillingness to look beyond these stereotypes at the potential different candidates can bring.


It is time for employers to remove their ‘hiring blinkers’ and hire for fit – in the areas that really matter. For this to happen though candidates also need to work out how to market themselves to employers in a way that removes any doubts as to what they have to offer. How do you promote ‘Brand You’ in a way that helps potential employers to overcome biases and see the value that you can bring.


No local market experience? Ok… so how does what you have achieved in other markets translate into what is needed here? What fresh ideas can you bring to a team that has been doing the same thing for a long time and could do with an injection of creativity and innovation?


50 plus and full of energy and drive? Great… that means you have 10 – 20 years left in the workforce. The average tenure in most industries is only 3 years so why would we be afraid that you might retire in 10? Many mature workers are incredibly loyal, bring decades of knowledge and experience and have worked out what they really want to spend their days doing and are fully committed to doing the very best job they can.


Have a young family and need to leave the office at 5pm every day? No problem… we aren’t watching the clock. We care about outcomes and know that you are committed to giving 100% while you are here… and are probably logging on after the kids in bed to ensure you get the job done.


We are fortunate to work with a growing number of clients who share this thinking and are hiring for aptitude and attitude rather than ticking irrelevant boxes but unfortunately these biases still exist today and mean that many highly talented individuals are being passed over – an incredibly source of frustration for them and massive missed opportunity for the companies that are making these decisions.

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