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How to get the most out of your recruitment partner

We’ve been in the business for 16 years, so you can bet your bottom dollar that we’ve learnt a lot about how to get the best results for our clients and candidates through focussing on relationships. So that got us thinking… how do you, as employers, get the most value from your recruitment partners? Needless to say, it’s a topic near and dear to our hearts.

Our 3 key points regarding this process:

  • Select a reputable specialist for your industry and build a trusted business partnership with them;
  • Go exclusive with them;
  • Commit and engage in the process!

Our Associate Director, Caroline Chantry, had been a client of Carrera for many years prior to joining us, and has some words of wisdom around this topic

“For many years as an employer I worked with the typical model of engaging multiple recruitment agencies to find me candidates for my vacancies. I mistakenly believed that more agencies would result in more candidates and therefore more chance of finding the perfect employee. But what I found was that I was bombarded with dozens of resumes that really weren’t fitting the brief, so something wasn’t working. So I took a step back and looked at it from a couple of different perspectives. If I were a recruiter, how would my clients get the most out of my services? And how do I want to be treated as a client? From answering these questions I started working with my most trusted recruitment partner in the ways described in this blog. The results were compelling. I was spending far less time reviewing resumes, getting far better quality candidates who were not just a good functional fit for the job, but also culturally aligned to the business, and I only had one (very important) supplier relationship to maintain. Now I sit on the other side of this relationship I see even more compelling reasons to work in this way. If I knew what I know now I would have changed my way of working with recruiters years ago.”

With that in mind, let’s get started:

Find A Reputable Industry Specialist & Build A Trusted Partnership:

You take pride in working for an industry leader, and your job is to help grow your organisation with exceptional talent who have a hunger to drive your business towards exponential success. So… why would you not choose a recruitment consultancy who are experts in your field, with talented people ready to go? Our team are continuously building relationships with top talent who are not just looking for the next “job”, but working with us to be on the right career path. Sure, a juggernaut, international recruiting giant may throw plenty of resumes your way, but in your experience, has the talent pool been on point? Or has it more been about quantity as opposed to quality?

Let’s say that you could relate to the above and selected an industry specialist, now what?

In order for your agency to really bring value to you, you have to build a trusting relationship with them, bringing them close to the business and consistently communicating with them… seeing them as partners as opposed to “vendors”.

One of the most important things that can be done to ensure a solid partnership is to grant your recruitment partner access to the hiring manager; provide that direct line. Yes, they will be busy, but let’s face it, there is no one in the business that knows the nuances of the role quite like the hiring manager. Additionally the candidates are usually looking for a connection with their potential boss, or a sense that they will be an inspiring & good person to work for.

Go Exclusive With A Recruitment Partner:

Why is this important? Because a true recruitment partner will be able to target the right candidates. Think about it, if you give the job to a number of “vendors”, this creates a chaotic scenario whereby agencies are focused on the race to get their candidate resume in front of you before anyone else does. The flow on effect is that none of these well-meaning recruiters have the proper time to really learn about the hiring manager’s particular requirements, the culture of that specific team, and any of the nuances that aren’t not available on the website.

More importantly think about the potentially negative impact on your company brand. To illustrate, let’s put ourselves in the candidate’s shoes. They’re actively searching for their next role, and come across an agency advertisement for that amazing role at your company. They read it, are exciting by it, and shortlist it. They continue their search to see what’s out there, and come across another ad for the exact same job… and then another… by this point they candidate could be thinking “how desperate is this company? Don’t people want to work for them? or It’s confusing that the job appears to be slightly differently represented”. Probably not the image you want for your company’s employer brand.

Engage and Stay Committed in the Process:

Getting genuine results in the shortest time frame possible requires investing ‘quality time’ in engaging in the recruitment process for its duration.

Before you decide, what exactly do we mean by “Quality time”? We mean:

  • that you take the time to provide detailed briefs for every role regardless of whether you’ve worked with this recruiter before
  • commit to deadlines, prompt interviews and provide meaningful and timely feedback on candidates

Why? Is this that critical? Because our research shows that 85% of candidates that drop out of a process do so due to the lack of communication / feedback and clarity of process. Good candidates are juggling multiple opportunities at any given time, and if they have an employer showing interest, respecting their time, giving them meaningful and timely feedback, they will  be more inclined to choose them in the end.

On the flipside, those who don’t communicate / provide meaningful and timely feedback, risk being seen as unprofessional, disorganised, and disrespectful. What makes this worse is that we live in the age of social media. If a candidate has an AMAZING experience or an appalling experience, they will most likely share it online for future candidates and customers to see. Again, good candidates are looking at multiple opportunities at any given time, so wouldn’t they want to align themselves with a brand that demonstrates respect?

Good recruitment partners are there to take care of your recruitment needs, so HR can focus on building culture & making the workplace engaging. But they can’t give you a satisfying return on investment if they don’t have the trust and the insight to do what’s right by your company and the candidates they put forward. Are you interested in finding out more? Then give us a call, we love coffee and we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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