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Culture is key to attracting top talent

Today more than ever it can appear that there is significant competition to attract top talent into crucial roles. Despite what economists may want us to believe, for the top echelon of candidates opportunities abound and multiple offers are par for the course.


Top candidates can (and should be) picky when it comes to making a career move. They are taking their time, assessing opportunities, asking more questions…. and are not afraid to say no when the opportunity doesn’t meet with expectations or career ambitions.


A detailed conversation around career ambitions, goals and what is important in their next move is an intrinsic part of the process in our interaction with every candidate. The fundamental difference in today’s market is that we almost universally are being told that ‘company culture’ is number one on the priority list for candidates when assessing new opportunities.


This comes as no surprise… but what does it mean? Culture is shaped by everything that makes a business unique – what makes a business ‘great’ to one candidate may a  complete turn off to another. There are several cultural factors that are attractive to most and companies able to offer the following are leading the way in attracting top talent:

  • Flexibility and work life balance. A genuine commitment to a flexible work place – whether it be hours worked, working from home or job sharing – companies offering true flexibility are leading the way in attracting candidates
  • Training and development opportunities. Great candidates understand the importance of continued learning and have a strong desire to continue to grow their skill set and build on their knowledge, positioning themselves for promotion as opportunities arise.
  • Rewards and recognition. Compensation remains an important factor in attraction and retention but recognising high performance goes beyond monetary compensation. Great companies have programs in place that include the formal and informal, are consistent and celebrate wins big and small as they occur.


Candidates are increasingly savvy, they are doing their homework and will be looking for organisations that can demonstrate a true commitment to the above. Organisations that imbed programs around these cultural factors will be in a strong position to attract the brightest and the best in an increasingly challenging market.



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